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Boat Repairs in Jacksonville, FL

Outboard Motor Repairs Jacksonville, FL For the highest quality and most professional boat repairs and boat maintenance, including work on boat trailers and motors, choose M & S Marine Repair in Jacksonville, FL.  We guarantee and stand behind all of the service and repairs on boats, motors, and trailers!

Here at M & S Marine Repair, you will always get the individual service and skilled boat repairs and boat maintenance that you have come to expect from a family owned and operated local company with more than four decades of experience in our industry.  Whether you need anything from outboard motor repairs to marine electrical repairs or marine fuel system repair, you will receive the best at M & S Marine Repair in Jacksonville, FL.

We want to keep your marine fun going for as long as possible. Whether you need marine electrical repair, I/O engine repair, or some other type of boat maintenance, M & S Marie Repair can get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you're experiencing problems with your marine mechanical steering or need boat repairs, we are here to help. Give us a call today to learn more!

Trust Our Marine Engine Repair Experts to Get the Job Done!

Choose M & S Marine Repair for all of your marine engine repair needs.  We understand that you have many choices when it comes to selecting the perfect marine engine for your boat, from I/O & drives to outboard motors and everything in between.  You take great care in selecting your propulsion system.  When your boat’s engine needs repair, take just as much care in selecting who will do them.  The combined experience between owner Maurice and his son Steve ensures that all marine engine repair will be performed by skilled, expert hands.  Call M & S Marine Repair today to arrange for your marine engine repair! 

Is there a problem with your boat's engine or steering? M & S Marine Repair offers boat maintenance or boat repairs for all kinds of components, including marine hydraulic steering, marine mechanical steering, and I/O engine repair. We also offer marine fuel system repair and electrical repairs so that you can get back on the water in no time.

Boat Repairs Jacksonville, FL Don’t let the need for outboard motor repairs keep you on dry land.  Let M & S Marine Repair expertly handle all of your outboard motor repairs.  As with all of our boat maintenance and boat repairs, we will never rush you when discussing your outboard motor repairs.  We will ensure that you completely understand your marine engine repair needs.  In addition to performing your outboard motor repairs, we will also educate you on boat maintenance in order to keep your marine engine running smoothly, allowing you to enjoy the water longer.

We Service & Repair I/O and Outboard Engines!

You want as much freedom as possible when you're choosing the propulsion system and motor type for your boat. Whether you're a seasoned boater and want an outboard motor for fishing or reliability or you're looking for an inboard/outboard (I/O) motor for recreational use, you want to make sure that your boat maintenance company knows how to keep your system running smoothly. M & S Marine Repair specializes in all kinds of engines and motors. From I/O engine repair to outboard motor repairs, we have the knowledge and experience you can trust.

From marine mechanical steering to outboard motor repairs, M & S Marine Repair offers the best boat repairs in the Jacksonville, FL area. We are dedicated to providing whatever boat maintenance or repair work you need to get back out on the water in no time. That's why we work hard to maintain our expertise in as many major models and brands of boat as possible. We want to be able to help when you bring your boat in for marine fuel system repair or marine electrical repairs!

We work on most Major Brands and Models. Check out our list of Motors we service:


• Cobra
• Evinrude
• Force
• Johnson
• Mercury
• Honda Marine


• Nissan
• Mercruiser
• Mariner
• Suzuki
• Tohatsu
• Yamaha

We service and repair Boats, Trailers, and Two & Four Stroke Outboard Engines and I/O Engines. If you have any questions about marine electrical repair, marine fuel system repair, marine mechanical steering, or anything else, please give us a call Maurice or Steven at M & S Marine Repair. 

Marine Hydraulic Steering Jacksonville, FL In addition to boat repairs and boat maintenance, we also service marine hydraulic steering and marine mechanical steering systems.  Although a proper steering system typically avoids the list of regular maintenance because they operate so well, they should not be ignored.  In a marine hydraulic steering system, you should always consider the age of the hydraulic fluid, the fittings, unknown and uncommon failure points, among other things regarding your marine hydraulic steering. 

In addition to educating you on all things regarding marine hydraulic steering, M & S Marine Repair can perform expert maintenance and repairs for you.

In addition to boat repairs and boat maintenance, M & S Marine Repair also installs new electronics and accessories.  We are your one-stop-shop when you need to ensure that your boat is running properly.  Make just one call to M & S Marine Repair, and we do it all.

Enjoy your boat and all of the fun that it can bring.  Let the experts at M & S Marine Repair in Jacksonville, FL take the stress out of boat repairs and boat maintenance.  Give us a call today! (904) 497-4315

Products & Services

M & S Marine Repair in Jacksonville, FL can handle all of your boat repairs and boat maintenance, including:

• Outboard Motor Repairs
• Marine Engine Repair
• I/O Engine Repair
• Marine Mechanical Steering
• Marine Hydraulic Steering
• Marine Electrical Repairs
• Marine Fuel System Repair

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Mike McMillan

Good people. Known Maurice since the late 70's. Excellent technicians you can trust.


Jay Carter

Steven and his dad are 100% the real deal! In 2015 finding someone to work on your new outboard is a cinch take it to any ole mechanic and they plug it into a laptop and yahtzee! it spits out what the problem with motor is and the "mech" does the "repair" replacing the part more than likely.Well not so much the case with my 51 year old 64'Johnson seahorse 5.5. Called 3 shops that wanted no part of figuring out why my little johnnyrude would not go into full throttle as it has no USB port....real excuse given by one of the "mechs"! finally I found M&S Marine!! on the phone Steven was not only willing to work on motor he was very excited to have the chance!!! now to back up a bit I had already almost completely rebuilt this motor myself as a project from top to bottom I through parts at this motor trying to get it to open up at full throttle with no success. and after some frustration took it in to M&S. Steven hooked it up into there test tank and without even opening the carb for inspection diagnosed it as a drilled or altered high speed jet that was causing a flooding issue and not letting motor run at top speed. even with the very reasonable repair quote from Steven my wife and I are expecting a new baby and could not afford for Steven to do the repair and paid the diagnose fee and took the motor home and made the repair myself. ordered and installed part that Steven had fingered as the culprit and guess what.....DONE DEAL! She's purring like a kitten and running at all speeds like brand new. I WILL NEVER USE ANYONE BESIDES M&S PERIOD! and so should you. they are REAL MECHANICS not computer programmers! a real rarity now a days.



George Avinger IV

I had them rebuild the carbs on my 60hp Yamaha , Well that's been about 4 maybe 5 seasons ago and I've no problems at all ! the guys at M & S Marine are very honest people. They do what they say ! And they do a good job at it!  And they're reasonably priced also. GREAT JOB GUYS!


A Google User

Friendly and family owned. Reasonable pricing and they do great work.

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