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I had them rebuild the carbs on my 60hp Yamaha, well that's been about 4 maybe 5 seasons ago and I've no problems at all! the guys at M & S Marine are very honest people. They do what they say! And they do a good job at it!  And they're reasonably priced also. GREAT JOB GUYS!

George Avinger IV

Good people. Known Maurice since the late 70's. Excellent technicians you can trust.h

Mike McMillan

Steven was not only willing to work on the motor he was very excited to have the chance! I had already almost completely rebuilt this motor myself as a project from top to bottom I through parts at this motor trying to get it to open up at full throttle with no success and after some frustration took it into M&S. Steven hooked it up into there test tank and without even opening the carb for inspection diagnosed it as a drilled or altered high-speed jet that was causing a flooding issue and not letting motor run at top speed. Even with the very reasonable repair quote from Steven my wife and I are expecting a new baby and could not afford for Steven to do the repair and paid the diagnose fee and took the motorhome and made the repair myself. Ordered and installed the part that Steven had fingered as the culprit and guess what.....DONE DEAL! She's purring like a kitten and running at all speeds like brand new. I WILL NEVER USE ANYONE BESIDES M&S PERIOD!

Jay Carter